Writing a persuasive speech may be a challenge for anyone, whether a student or a person needing it for business purposes. The problem with this type of work is that it has to produce a genuine impact, which is not always easy.

If you are a student struggling to make a memorable speech to impress your audience, we have good news – here is an extensive cheat sheet with persuasive speech topics for college on various subjects. You don’t need to rack your brains to develop a good-looking theme for public performance from now on. We have done that instead of you.

15 Speech Topics on Health Care for College Students

Are you seeking great persuasive speech topics for college students sure to win you an A and leave a trace in your audience’s hearts? Here is a secret list of bulletproof topics from which you’re sure to choose something worthy.

  1. Nurses can help drive healthcare innovation – this is how we can empower them.
  2. Africa needs a healthcare revolution: here is how we can help.
  3. The challenge of digital technology adoption in healthcare is far from being resolved.
  4. Unusual ways of improving healthcare: more dogs in hospitals to provide emotional support to patients.
  5. The crisis of maternal healthcare: what women really need before, during, and after pregnancy.
  6. The future of healthcare reform is in logistics improvement.
  7. Bioelectronics as a solution to healthcare availability: your personal hospital one click away.
  8. The art of dignified dying – are people deprived of it right now?
  9. The crisis of compassion in commercialized healthcare.
  10. New approaches to chronic illnesses like obesity, CVD, and cancer are needed.
  11. Self-management basics: how our routine activities can make us healthier.
  12. A new look at dentistry: what really causes tooth cavities and bad breath? ‘
  13. The cancer of the 21st century – unexplored effects of stress on our health.
  14. Robotics is the future of healthcare improvement.
  15. Women still don’t have equal access to healthcare.

15 Speech Topics on Economics for College Students

It’s always reassuring to have some workable prompts with persuasive speech topics college that students hate composing. We have compiled a handy list to help you out whenever you feel drained and without inspiration. Use them to excel in economic speech writing.

  1. Economics and art are connected stronger than we think.
  2. The new reality of open-source economics.
  3. Is there economics of terrorism?
  4. Sending money home by expatriate workers as a hidden economic force.
  5. The ugly truth of economic bubbles.
  6. Investment in local education as a wise economic move.
  7. The fundamentals of the gift economy.
  8. The vices and virtues of capitalism.
  9. Labor rights and the economics of exploitation: from human trafficking to trade unions.
  10. The economics of a family business.
  11. Business prospects of honesty.
  12. Interconnectivity is a new feature of the global economy.
  13. Making workers the company’s owners – a new secret to business success.
  14. The evolution of capital in the 21st century.
  15. Persistent inequality in the world economy – ways out of the crisis.

15 Speech Topics on Law for College Students

Law is a challenging subject to many. Delivering an impactful speech on law may be a rare challenge, so we are here to help you with idea generation.

  1. Data and surveillance laws – the changing reality of online privacy.
  2. Policing for profit – a new way to reap you off your possessions.
  3. International law gaps: high seas protection.
  4. Is putting the power of law in people’s hands possible in a democracy?
  5. AI and legal advice: can virtual assistants be of any help?
  6. Space lawyers – an emerging legal profession.
  7. Patenting a human gene – legal gaps and dilemmas in the new reality.
  8. Does the law provide adequate protection to victims of gender violence?
  9. Identity theft legislation: how protected are people?
  10. Giving human rights to intelligent animals: a legal challenge.
  11. Legal jargon – a new form of information apartheid.
  12. Restorative justice in juvenile courts.
  13. Fast food mafia – are there any laws to protect people from aggressive marketing of junk food?
  14. Marriage law: dig deeper into divorce legalities to make your marriage stronger.
  15. VR and law: the legal challenge of using the virtual bodies and faces.

10 Speech Topics on Sociology for College Students

Sociology may seem to be a simple subject, yet it conceals some hardships as well. If you’re stuck with a sociology speech topic, here are some ideas to get you moving.

  1. The new image of social inequality in the 21st century.
  2. Looking at shopping through a socio-cultural prism.
  3. The complexities of life quality measurement.
  4. The unexpected ways fast food affects the global society.
  5. Body image and obesity biases – do they transform people’s eating habits?
  6. The challenging concept of privilege.
  7. The impact of school uniform requirements on bullying and teasing.
  8. Single parenthood and the child’s happiness.
  9. The modern society and care for the elderly – progress or degradation?
  10. Mental health issues – an indicator of a happy society.

15 Speech Topics on Environmental Studies for College Students

Environmental studies are exciting, but a problem may emerge as soon as you are tasked with writing a speech on the subject. Here are some fresh and original persuasive speech topics for college students on the most pressing environmental issues. Your speech is sure to be loved.

  1. How the environment can guide the development of human civilization.
  2. The warning signs of global food waste.
  3. The fear of nuclear power as a barrier to a cleaner environment.
  4. The privilege of breathing clean, fresh air is real.
  5. The carbon footprint of the big fashion industry.
  6. Carbon-neutral Apple: is that an achievable goal by 2030?
  7. Wildlife in the isolated environments: the unknown stories of the Arctic.
  8. The art of reducing, reusing, and recycling.
  9. Online information overload is a distraction from the beauty of the real world.
  10. The new economy of energy.
  11. The unspoken evils of agriculture.
  12. The new future of plastic: so many ways to reuse.
  13. Is a world without waste a reality?
  14. Big brands at the service of biodiversity preservation.
  15. Reverting climate change is possible via the reimagining of capitalism.

10 Speech Topics on Education for College Students

Here are some educational topics you may find useful.

  1. A need for an educational reform – is it doable?
  2. Educational equality – truth or myth?
  3. All shades of educational privilege and limitations.
  4. STEM education – a bulletproof ticket to career success?
  5. Is humanities education dead?
  6. Separate classrooms for boys and girls – a reality of future education.
  7. Sports at school – should it be a component of GPA?
  8. School canteens and healthy nutrition.
  9. Ability grouping – is there a future for this method?
  10. Bullying at schools: innovative ways out.

10 Speech Topics on Political Studies for College Students

Persuasive essay topics college students will love are all here, letting you relax and forget about the need to struggle with topic composition. We have studied all the burning topics in politics, coming up with a great list of themes to explore in your next speech.

  1. The politics of super-powers – can third-world countries oppose it?
  2. Online government – does it have a future?
  3. Politicians and social media.
  4. Not all democracies are genuinely democratic.
  5. Are demonstrations dead?
  6. Celebrities and politics- is this fusion ethical?
  7. Politicians should not possess immunity while in office.
  8. Is colonialism the matter of the past?
  9. The government should do everything to combat poverty.
  10. Real democracy – is it possible?

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