As soon as the time to compose your home assignment comes, you may get stuck figuring out interesting argument essay topics. For a topic to be suitable, it has to be manageable and interesting.

If you can’t go on with any good idea, here is a life hack from our writing professionals. To be more precise, one hundred hacks – a list of easy argument essay topics with which you’ll cope in hours.

Winning Topics for an Argumentative Essay: Top-100

Are you looking for engaging and non-trivial topics for argumentative essay?

Here is a list of essay topics that even a beginner can manage to get a high score from an impressed tutor. Go on to study the list and pick a subject to your liking. An essay on any of these themes is sure to grab your audience’s attention.

H3: 10 Ideas for Your Argumentative Essay: Society

It’s often hard to find memorable and fresh argumentative essay topics for the subject of sociology. Yet, by looking at the subject from a different perspective, you can write an interesting piece.

  1. Democracy or tyranny: pros and cons.
  2. Advertising as a modifier of social tastes.
  3. Isolation: a new social trend?
  4. The social impact of COVID-19: implications for dating and marriage.
  5. Far-reaching consequences of remote work on social relations.
  6. Is society ready for new technologies?
  7. Artificial intelligence for research of social trends.
  8. How will the global society survive without tourism and travel?
  9. Life hacks for being socially likable.
  10. Socially appropriate communication and behavior: how hacking social scripts can help you reach any heights.

10 Topics for Your Argumentative Essay: Technology

Technology is tricky to talk or write about, so you may find it challenging to formulate argumentative essay topics understandable to the general audience.

Here are some ideas to get started.

  1. Blockchain: the money of tomorrow.
  2. Is the current technological madness a social escape from real problems?
  3. Technology is a means of making our lives more complicated.
  4. Online gaming: the new social reality.
  5. Is artificial intelligence getting closer to replacing humans?
  6. Is Fintech the financial system of tomorrow?
  7. Reproductive technology gains: a step forward or backward?
  8. Unexpected ways in which technology changes our lives.
  9. The future of driverless technology is gloomy.
  10. Robots can never replace people.

10 Ideas for Your Argumentative Essay: Morality

Can’t figure out any topics for argumentative essay about morality? Here are the suggestions from our pros sure to surprise your supervisor.

  1. Faith is regaining force in the modern world.
  2. New technology and new ethics coming with it.
  3. Motivating people to do good to others is simple.
  4. The moral trap of being a “good” person.
  5. Morality and driverless cars.
  6. Human morality is a new value in the high-tech world.
  7. Bioethics: using young blood to stop aging.
  8. Cloning, stem cell research, reproductive technology: morality issues.
  9. Physician-assisted suicide: a morality debate.
  10. Polygamy, gambling, and same-sex marriage – the new morality of the 21st century.

10 Topics for Your Argumentative Essay: Education

Education is another subject that may seem too trivial to develop engaging argument essay topics. Our pros have already helped you out.

Look at the list of great topic ideas and choose one to use in your next home assignment.

  1. Gains and losses of education with a massive transfer online.
  2. The future of online education amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
  3. COVID-19: a crisis or a unique opportunity for online education?
  4. Home vs. traditional schooling: unique benefits and challenges.
  5. Technology at the service of education: a step forward or back?
  6. A sure way to fix the learning crisis.
  7. Re-imagining schools as a solution to make education work again.
  8. The global female education crisis.
  9. The hidden shades of educational privilege.
  10. The achievement gap requires a new approach to be eliminated.

10 Ideas for Your Argumentative Essay: Family

Use this cheat sheet with cool argumentative essay topics about family not to spend any more time on topic generation.

  1. Is it possible to live with family members who drive you insane?
  2. Sustaining meaningful relationships with the family at a distance.
  3. A family as a team: a new approach to getting closer with relatives.
  4. A mother’s struggle for recognition.
  5. The future of family business.
  6. Reproductive technology, surrogate parents, sperm donorship – the new family concepts.
  7. Importance of family bonds for displaced persons.
  8. Parents as guardians or facilitators on the way of technology.
  9. Finding common ground with parents.
  10. Genetic v. social parenthood.

10 Topics for Your Argumentative Essay: Health

Here are some engaging and easy argumentative essay topics on health. You’ll always have what to write about on this subject.

  1. Sugar is a persistent child health dilemma.
  2. Eating healthily or tastily – should there be only one choice?
  3. Genetic testing as a health technology gain.
  4. Does technology make us healthier?
  5. Genetic testing advances – do they make us healthier?
  6. The bliss of ignorance or the power of knowing: attitude to medical tests.
  7. The unexplored depths of mental health.
  8. Keeping our brains healthy is a path to physical well-being.
  9. The importance of health education.
  10. Healthy eating habits are the best remedy for all illnesses.

10 Ideas for Your Argumentative Essay: Art, Movie & Literature

Writing on art and literature seems easy, but that’s often illusory. If you can’t figure out what to write about, scan through this list of easy argumentative essay topics about art, movies, and literature. You’re sure to find something worthy.

  1. Do modern movies teach people good values?
  2. The economics of the big movie industry.
  3. The unique ways of art shaping human conversations.
  4. Art history as a path to discovering modern art.
  5. The transformative potential of street art.
  6. Modern visual effects bringing movies to life.
  7. Films and TV shows as massive lie suppliers.
  8. Literature – the lost value?
  9. Is literature regaining ground amid social isolation?
  10. Fiction as a tool for understanding reality.

10 Topics for Your Argumentative Essay: Psychology

Finding argument essay topics on psychology is not everyone’s cup of tea. Check this list out to find a worthy subject and start writing right away.

  1. The complexities of narcissism psychology.
  2. Rational psychological processes guide irrational decisions.
  3. The 21st century – a new era of positive psychology.
  4. The psychology behind social inequality.
  5. A simple way to understand happiness with psychology.
  6. The psychological basis of human attachment to things.
  7. Health and happiness – the secret to psychological tricks?
  8. Emotions and the way they affect human moral judgment.
  9. Positive psychology as a shortcut to well-being.
  10. The psychology of trust.

10 Ideas for Your Argumentative Essay: Law

Law is also a challenge for many students. With this list of subjects, you have one problem solved.

  1. With advances in technology and robotics, countries need new labor laws.
  2. Law is unable to protect people’s lives from terrorism and crime.
  3. Law is a system of deterrence, not justice.
  4. The illusion of social justice and equality.
  5. The subtle links between climate and racial justice.
  6. Truths about the U.S. prison system – a reality far from the justice principles and values.
  7. Restorative justice doesn’t work in juvenile courts.
  8. Human brain injury and crime.
  9. There can be a better world without prisons.
  10. Police lawlessness is the ugliest form of injustice.

10 Topics for Your Argumentative Essay: History

Writing on history has never been easier. Here are some insightful ideas to leave your supervisor positively impressed.

  1. History can teach us lessons for the future.
  2. Without knowledge of history, politicians are making blind steps.
  3. History is nothing; the future is everything.
  4. History is an illusion.
  5. The value of history is often overestimated.
  6. History can be changed.
  7. History is false as people write it.
  8. Knowing historical facts can’t make you a smarter person.
  9. The history of things is a way to innovation.
  10. Knowing the history of human emotions is a path to emotional intelligence.